A Fire at Munkebryggen (2011)

We Still Carry The Fire, Erik Sjödin 2012

While tending the fire at Munkebryggen in Bergen, Norway I learned that in South Africa it is a common belief that the smoke turns towards those that has a negative mind, and in rural Thailand it is common to get together and cook rice balls over open fire when the electricity goes out in the evening. From a Danish ex-firefighter I learned that the best way to put out a fire is to sprinkle, not pour, water on it. When making a fire in an empty oil barrel in Norway it is difficult not to reflect on the nations oil industry and the role of oil in the world today.

A Fire at Munkebryggen 2011

A Fire at Munkebryggen was realized by Erik Sjödin at Munkebryggen in Bergen (NO) in December 2011, during a performance evening arranged by artist Annika Eriksson and students at Bergen Academy of Art and Design. The fire was made with permission from Bergen fire and harbour departments, in an oil barrel modified with the help of artist Markus Moestue.